Our efforts are focussed on satisfying the requirements of our clients, mostly from the automotive industry. Our clients are TIER 1, 2 or 3 to the OEMs like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Cadillac, Lincoln, Audi, Infiniti, Acura amongst others. The solutions and services we offer depend from the product and necessity our client has. In general our flocking finish has the following characteristics:

  • Esthetics (color, appearance, uniform flocking, optical upgrade of the product)

  • Functional (resistance against wear and sunlight exposure, noise reduction, glare reduction, generates a sliding effect, avoids scratches on surfaces, velcro-effect can be achieved with two flocked and opposed surfaces)

  • Haptic (softness and uniform density)

  • Flexibility (applicable on difficult geometries)

  • Versatility (applicable on almost any substrate like plastics, metal, wood, ceramics and others)

Automotive (click onto photo to enlarge)
Detail of an A-pillar
Dashboard compartment box
Center armrest bin
Glove box
Flocked spring
Aftermarket flocked dashboard
Mini coil spring
Rear center armrest bin
Bin for sunglasses
Glove box
Detail of a B-pillar
flocked spring
Compartment door
VW Bug flocked entirely
Center console box
Dashboard compartment
Detailed view of flocking limits
Slider seatbelt height adjustment
Armrest bin
Aftermarket flocked dashboard
Detailed view of flocking limits
Flocked parts are used in multiple locations in cars:
Other applications (click onto photo to enlarge)
Deer decoy
Collar stiffness support
Display hand for jewelry
Thermo mug
Black bull
Cellphone case
Cellphone case
Plastic bottle
Black panther
Business/credit card holder
Technical aluminum part
Coyote decoy
Tabletop soccer figure
Picture frame
Canada goose decoy
Safety hat
Mountain cock decoy
Desk clock
Deer decoy

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