About us

Who are we?

A proudly Mexican company with more than 20 years of experience in flocking objects for the automotive industry. You can find us in central and northern Mexico. With about 500 collaborators, Global Flock is the largest object-flocker in the NAFTA-Zone. All plants are certified in accordance to IATF 16949:2016. We are a TIER-2/3 for premium interior parts and the only object-flocker capable to apply the very smooth 1.7 dtex flock directly on 3-dimensional parts, providing a suede-like surface, as we also do in the case of application of "FlockAntara". 

Flocking is the application of thin synthetic textile fibers onto a substrate through a special process. After drying the result is a velvet-like seamless surface. We can apply flock fibers on almost any substrate material and geometry. 

What do we offer?

The complete satisfaction of our clients which mainly belong to the automotive industry. Since its creation Global Flock has been focussed on the specialisation of the different flocking techniques. We have vast experience flocking interior parts like glove boxes, center consoles, sunglass bins, A-, B- and C-pillars, armrest bins, door panel bins, door trim, and lots of other trays and compartments like coin boxes. On the other hand we also do the flocking of exterior parts like coil springs. Beside of its handsome appearance, which is used for decorating purposes, there are a lot of functional advantages too. Especially in the automotive industry flock is used to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and to get rid of buzzes, squeaks and rattles (BSR). 


GLOBAL FLOCK de México: Started its operations in June 2009 with the aim to provide customers in Mexico and North America flocked objects in the best quality available. Nowadays we are 180 collaborators (July 2017) who participate actively in the company to achieve the quality Global Flock stands for. Global Flock de México is located a one hour drive from the City of Puebla (airport PBC) and a two hours drive from Mexico City (airport MEX). The plant is located in the industrial zone named "Ciudad Industrial Xicohtencatl" which belongs to the municipality of Tetla de la Solidaridad in the State of Tlaxcala.

GLOBAL FLOCK de Ramos Arizpe:

At our second location, in northern Mexico, we have 350 collaborators (July 2017) attending the demand of flocked parts in this region and also in the US. In September 2017 we moved to a new and larger plant within Ramos Arizpe. The factory is located in the new "360 Industrial Park", a one hour drive from Monterrey Airport (MTY) and a 10 minutes drive from Saltillo Airport (SLW).

Come and visit us!

And get to know the world of flock fibers!




Global Flock de México

Blvd. Eje Norte Mimiahuapan # 20, Ciudad Industrial Xicohténcatl, Tetla de la Solidaridad,

C.P. 90434, Tlaxcala, MEXICO

Global Flock de Ramos Arizpe

Blvd. Insignia 5500, Parque Industrial 360, Ramos Arizpe,   C.P. 25908, Coahuila, MEXICO

Business Unit Michigan

David W. Smith

2151 Livernois Rd S-100,         Troy, MI 48083, USA

Tel: +52 241 4127 440

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Cel: +1 248 891 4092

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